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  How to Use Robinhood for Crypto Investment? Investments in cryptocurrency can be advantageous. But not all platforms will provide you the ease of making the investment free of cost. Robinhood is one of the best things to consider for enjoying the cryptocurrency investment option. There are various investment opportunities available for newbies and experienced people. So the journey will be easy. Once you successfully sign in to Robinhood , it will be easier for you to start with the investment journey. Invest in cryptocurrency If you wish to start investing in cryptocurrency, then it will be helpful if you first go ahead with the Robinhood sign-in process and make an account. Now here are the step that you have to follow. •            Go ahead and download the application on your device for better accessibility. •            You will be asked to sign in to Robinhood and create an account to start with the investment. •            Now, you can start your trading join instan